This publish was originally sponsored by Philips AVENT. We put this new pump to the test with an experienced mom, my longtime friend, Crystal. Crys is an active pumper unlike me, a passive weaner.

Breastfeeding while pumping can be done

Some background. before infant No. 3 came into the world, I had spent 34 months of my life nursing. two separate babies, mind you, however after almost three years of latching, let downs as well as nipple cream, I felt like I understood what I was doing. After all, by the end of my second go-round, I might nurse my kid hands-free in a infant Bjorn while I made dinner. (I was extremely dissatisfied when my other half didn’t provide me a standing ovation after discovering me this method the very first time.) So, after our third infant was born, I felt a bit smug in the healthcare facility when the nurse came in to inspect on us as well as my bit ladybug was already nursing like a pro. look at me, I’m an experienced Mom! I understand what I’m doing! I got this!


Notre histoire. We shown up house as well as my milk arrived, as did the accompanying engorgement. The altering specify of my breasts confused my bit one as well as she seemed to fail to remember exactly how to latch. As she struggled, my nipples took a beating. Feeding ended up being so agonizing that I would wince as well as cry when it was time for the next feeding. I likewise felt confused ”“ might I have forgotten exactly how to nurse? Why was this so difficult? To add to the experience, we (both myself as well as the baby) established a raging situation of thrush. There were clogged milk ducts, which then led to me waking in the middle of the night with a fever as well as fierce shivering because of mastitis. I was a wreck.

Enter the pump. I hadn’t believed about pumping much in the months leading as much as her birth. I figured that would be something I would offer with later down the road. however I was delighted to have a breast pump on hand so I might provide my raw nipples — as well as my defeated psyche — a break during those very first early weeks. Near the end of my pregnancy, the Rookie mommies had asked me to try out a new breast pump, the Philips AVENT double electric comfort Pump, so I broke it out in desperation near the end of week one. I liked nursing my two older sons as well as desired the exact same experience with my daughter. As I sat, cracked as well as sore as well as whimpering, my other half figured out rather swiftly exactly how to assemble the new pump, then sterilized all the parts for me in a boiling pot of water before providing me the Cliffs notes version of exactly how to utilize it.

The flanges, or pieces that in shape around the breast, were outfitted with a flexible, rubbery cover called the “soft massage cushion” that really did soften the experience of having my breasts sucked into a machine. I was able to utilize the pump effectively on very sore breasts so I was delighted with the comfort level. When turning the pump on, it immediately starts off with a “gentle stimulation mode” that’s meant to get the milk streaming like infants do with their quick bit sucks at the beginning of a nursing session. then when the milk is flowing, there are three pump settings to select from, which is practical depending upon the specify of your nipples. I utilized the low to middle setting during those early tender days, however have moved onto the fastest setting without any discomfort. I do have to in shape my breast into the pumping pieces an precise specific method for the pump to have the ideal sucking effect. however when I get it in there correctly, the pump is extremely efficient. Thankfully, we recuperated from the mastitis, the thrush as well as the war wounds on my nipples. I was able to step on to utilizing the pump for a lot more regular, non-emergency sessions.

With my previous babies, I struggled to get even 2 ounces of milk out of a pumping session. however this time around around, my other half plans to provide our child a bottle when a day while I work. I will requirement to have much a lot more of a milk stock to cover that everyday feeding. Plus, with the two older youngsters needing to online their lives, I will want a lot more versatility to provide her bottles of pumped milk.

But exactly how to boost my stock? One morning while I was pumping, she started freaking out as well as was trying to eat my husband’s deal with while I expressed milk into the machine. I made a decision to see if pumping while feeding her would boost my output. I positioned the infant in the hold or football hold on my left side as well as utilized the pump on my ideal side. I won’t lie. The very first two times, it was extremely uncomfortable as well as needed my husband’s assist to hold the infant in place. however by day three, we had it down solo. I am now getting 6-7 ounces per session, as well as this technique saves valuable nap time from being utilisé en pompant. Je ne peux pas qualifier le lait uniquement à la nouvelle pompe car je n’ai jamais essayé d’utiliser mon ancienne pompe de cette manière, mais j’ai été ravi général de l’efficacité de la pompe à confort de Philips Avent ainsi que des performances. Je pompe / infirmière exactement le même moment chaque matin et je me sens beaucoup plus en arrière pour voir mon congélateur se remplir de lait.

Les resultats. Après quelques semaines avec la crème de mamelon idéale, un tire-lait, ainsi qu’un verrou corrigé, nous avons rebondi de notre défi d’allaitement. Bien sûr, bien sûr, comme c’est généralement la situation avec la parentalité, maintenant que nous avons cette chose infirmière, un nouveau problème a surgi: elle refuse de prendre les bouteilles que j’ai travaillées si difficiles pour la produire. Soupir.

Divulgation: Nous sommes des ambassadeurs compensés de Philips Avent en essayant de faire passer le mot sur ce nouveau lait de confort. Toutes les opinions ainsi que les expériences sont les nôtres, comme celle de 7 onces de lait en une seule séance de pompage? C’est vraiment arrivé!

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